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Three most important considerations when searching for Bali holiday villa: location, location, location. by Adi Arifin

When we asked our clients about their criteria in searching for a villa for their holiday, we heard quite a long list of preferences. Views, services, staffing, security, pool-size, air-conditioning, are among other popular parameters. It was getting more interesting when we asked them to prioritize those parameters. Whilst it was definitely dependent to personal tastes and style, we found one parameter which has always been listed in the top three: location. Unlike hotels, many private villas are rather secluded. In a way, in addition to seeking for picturesque views, seclusion ensures quietness, which in many cases is essential. However, in contrast to ultimate privacy it has to offer, to some extends, private villas also have limitations, no matter how hard owners try to provide as much facilities as guests are likely to expect. Almost all private villas have at least one private pool, a fully equipped kitchen attended by a professional chef, some top-of-the-line villas are even provide private tennis court. But what about dining out, about hanging out in cafes, fully equipped gym, about beach for non-beachfront villas, about spas, and so forth? There are so many thing that you will still need to get outside the fence. Some villas provide a chauffeured car, or you can rent one quite cheaply. But would you feel comfortable to always get into the car, spend about a half an hour on it, just because you want to get a spa, which could not be provided by the villa's in-house masseur? There is nothing better than having a complete privacy and reasonable quietness for hard-earned rest, but still can find anything you need at your doorstep. You just need to get your slipper and stroll to everything you need: the beach, the shops, the cafes, the spas, the sport clubs, the restaurants, and only need a car to go to something special like a destination port for scuba diving. You may not believe it until you experience it on your own, but you better to believe that this need is even more when you are traveling with your family, with children. Seminyak is one of the most perfect resort town for this need. Formerly an extension to bustling Kuta, now Seminyak is more referred to the area along the street going down from the "real" Seminyak to the golden beach of Petitenget. Residents know it as "The Oberoi" area, the first luxury resort hotel in the area. Growing up to a trendy enclave of tourism facilities, this area is now unofficially known as the Western capital of Bali. A string of fine dining restaurants, boutique resorts, trendy cafes, finest spas, hot night clubs, delicatessens, art shops, and office of service providers like real estate agents, wedding organizers, holiday rentals, are decently cascading along the way. Unfortunately, more of private villa accommodations available in the area are compounds of smaller private villas, mostly with one or two bedrooms. So they are really an evolution toward privacy of hotel accommodation. For larger group of family, accommodated in separated, self-fenced, small private villas is not a preferable arrangement. With a little luck, you can find our larger private villas in the area with 4 to 5 bedrooms. Villa Jajaliluna, Villa Coco, and Villa Istimewa are to name some of the most desirable ones. In these villas, you will get spacious communal area in the large house which can comfortably accommodate the whole group. Check more detail at Villa Rental Bali

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Adi has been in online business almost since its first inception. In the last five years, he is heavily involved in real estate and holiday rental businesses in Bali.


Bali Luxury Villas, better than a hotel? by Matt Verbaan

Bali Luxury Villas are more accessible then you might thing...

If you are planning a trip to Bali and are browsing through the internet in search for a good hotel, you should check out the possibilities of staying at a villa as well. You might be surprised about the wonderful options.

Bali has become popular for its beautifully designed private villas. There are even picture books published on this subject alone and for a good reason actually, because many of these villas are just stunning.

The concept 'villa' does however scare the majority of people away because it just sounds really expensive compared to a hotel or resort. But some beautiful Bali private villas are actually affordable, especially if you are planning to go on a holiday with your family or when you consider staying in a 5 star resort anyway...

Many resorts offer wonderful accommodations with many facilities on their resort premises. However some lack the touch of exclusiveness which the Bali luxury villas can offer. Here are just a few services that you can expect when staying in a private villa:

• Your own private area with private entrance • Your private pool • Your private kitchen and in most cases a chef is there to prepare breakfast right at your own villa • Your own private butler • Specific preferences

Privacy is definitely the major aspect of a villa. And come to think of it, why share if you can have it all to yourself?

I have visited many villas in Bali and have discovered that there are many impressive Bali luxury villas that offer a more exclusive place to stay than a resort but where you pay almost the same price or even less.

Here are just three villas that I have found really affordable and range between the US$150 tot US$ 200 per night:

Villa Baja is located in the Bukit area in the southern part of Bali. This private villa is beautifully styled with Javanese antique and has an incredible view on Jimbaran bay. There is room for a total of 8 people for only US$200 a night.

But if you are planning a romantic holiday for two you'll have the whole villa to yourself for the same price.

The second option I have found is in the center of Ubud, the cultural village of Bali. The Tegal Sari Villas are just a natural beauty with their own private dark tiled swimming pool and modern designed interior.

But the best of all, you are pretty much surrounded by rice fields.

This private villa in Ubud can be used by 4 people at once for just US$250. But if you are traveling with two, you can choose between the villa with pool for US$150 or one without the pool for US$100.

The third option is Villa Gils in Candidasa. This beautiful open building has 3 bedrooms so a maximum of 6 people can stay here. The kitchen and living area is set in a semi-open pavilion with view on the massive private swimming pool. You will expect that staying in this terrific place will cost you a fortune, but it is only US$195 per night.

Imagine how much you will save when staying there with 6 people.

So from just these small examples, you should start to ask yourself: 'Why stay in a resort while I can also stay in one of the many beautiful Bali luxury villas?' When visiting Bali you wouldn't want anything else then just that...

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On his Bali travel website Matt Verbaan gives you useful information on everything you need to no when going to Bali. He has traveled every corner of the island to ensure that he provides you with the correct information. This is also the case for the many villas found on Bali. On you can see which villas he thinks are the best per destination.