Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Seminyak is Bali’s Capital of Cool and Home to the Hottest Real Estate in Bali

Every city has its fashionable hangouts and Bali is no exception. Like Paris’ La Marais, Tokyo’s Roppongi, New York’s Village and Sydney’s Darling Harbour, Bali has its Seminyak, a place whose international reputation precedes it like minstrels cavorting before a king. Far removed from Kuta in more than just geography, Seminyak is the playground of the almost-rich and infamous crowds of locals, tourists and expats. With plenty going on seven days a week, 364 days a year, Seminyak is an endless fusion of food, fashion and fun.

Seminyak is home to some of Bali’s most prestigious hotels, including The Legian, the Oberoi and the Samaya to name but a few, all sharing prime Bali beachfront and offering some of the best ocean views and sunsets in the world. Along with these world-class hotels are a slew of top-notch eateries and nightspots. Venues such as Sentosa and Kudeta: Bali’s most famous and hippest nightspots that ensure the cool keep coming and the party never stops.

It wasn’t always this way however. Seminyak started life as a sleepy village dominated by palm trees and rice fields and was the ideal place for people who wanted a traditional slice of Bali life. But as time progressed, like anywhere, once people realized they were on to a good thing, everybody wanted a slice.

Today’s Seminyak is almost full to the brim and property in becoming increasingly harder to find. This has resulted in a rapid, some may say, spoiling of the area, an accusation that is thrown at much of lower Bali. Rampant, unchecked building by many has resulted in overcrowding, overdevelopment and an overwhelming demand on utilities and infrastructure. That said, with this pressure comes concern and as a result, much is being done to remedy these problems to bring the infrastructure in line with what one would expect from a world-class resort island.

As for prices, in 1996, land was available for as little as US$1500 an are (100 square metres). In 2006 it was up to US$25,000, with prime beachfront land at more than US$70,000 dollars an are, (that’s if you can find it). That’s an increase to make anybody sit up and take notice! Increases like this are almost too good to be true, but they are real enough. Furthermore, as development keeps heading north into the areas north of Seminyak, they will only keep increasing and increasing and then increasing some more.

By Michael Travers

Michael Travers is a Bali-based writer specialising in Travel and Property Journalism. He has been living in Asia since the year 2000 and is currently living the dream in paradise.

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