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How Much Cost Will You Spend When You Have Dining in Indonesia?

I think, this information is so informative if I publish here, at this blog. Because in my mind, I really believe everyone especially foreign tourists that want to go to Indonesia would like to know, how expensive the daily living cost in Indonesia. Okay, the first thing that you should know, you have to know your price in Indonesia most major currency, Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). When I write this post, 1 USD approximately same with 12.200 rupiah. So, I will continue it in IDR. Because I’m now living in Yogyakarta region, I will tell more daily life in this city, although I also know daily cost living in other cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, and many more.

My question is looks enough great I to hear, “How Much Price Will You Spend When You Have Dining in Indonesia?” Dining in my means is not only have dinner but I will tell also how much price will you spend (1 person) to eat daily food which most Indonesian people eat it. For you know, usually most people in Indonesia eat 3 times in a day, breakfast in the morning, lunch, and dinner. I assume you are like most Indonesian people, not go to restaurant for eat, do it yourself in your kitchen. For breakfast needs, usually they eat only for light food such as: fried rice, fried noodle, toast, bread and drink milk. The average cost to buy and eat those (I assume you only eat one kinds of food and drink milk) is 3000-5000 rupiah to eat fried rice or fried noodle and 2000-3000 rupiah to drink milk. That’s the cost will you spend if you are living in big cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta and Surabaya. Next to lunch.

For lunch, they (Indonesian people) usually cook: rice, vegetables and meat. (meat in this means is chicken, meat, meat ball, fish, egg, Tahu and Tempe) additionally is fruit and drinking water. The cost is like this: rice is 1000 rupiah, and plus 2 kinds of meats (one egg, and one piece of chicken is 7000-10.000 rupiah) and 2 kinds of vegetables (spinach and vegetable soup is 5000-7500 rupiah). and the price for one bottle of milk is 2000-3000 rupiah. How much total price? Between 15.000 - 20.000 rupiah for just average lunch. What is it so expensive or instead of too cheap? Give your assessment.

The last one is for dinner. I assume you eat like Indonesian people eat for dinner, one cup of rice, 2 kinds of vegetables like chicken soup and corn soup, and 2 kinds of meat, like fried chicken and fried meat. The cost is: one rice is 1000 rupiah, 2 kinds of vegetables that I mentioned above is 5000-10.000 rupiah, and 2 kinds of vegetables is 10.000-20.000 rupiah. The total cost in approx 15.000 to 30.000 rupiah for just average dinner. Could you total the costs that from breakfast till dinner in Indonesia? I assume it as the average food which most people eat daily in some big cities in Indonesia. A price range from 40.000 to 70.000 per day just for eat per person, is it so expensive for you? What about in your country or county? Share this if you have time, thanks.

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